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Multisensor wireless EMG system
MYOstack v1.1
(with digital EMG sensors)

Choose the number of EMG sensors:
Wireless EMG system MYOstack helps you to solve tasks of robotics and sports: simultaneous activity registration of 9 muscle groups, wireless signal transmission up to 200 meters via Wi-Fi, compact modules, ease of installation and configuration. Also suitable for ECG.

↓ Download Datasheet System MYOstack v1.1 (PDF)

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Multisensor wireless EMG system MYOstack will give you the whole range of opportunities in the field of wireless EMG signal registration. Registration of the activity of nine muscle groups at the same time, wireless signal transmission via Wi-Fi up to 200 meters, small size of EMG sensors included in the system, easy installation and configuration - all these make the system an indispensable tool for actual tasks of robotics and sports. Also system can be used to measure cardiac activity (ECG).

The MYOstack is an open platform that will allow you to create a smart bracelet for computer gesture control, make a smart muscle activity monitor for sports, track physical activity during the day, robotic arm control, and much, much more!

The system has everything you need to register and transmit the signals to external devices:
  • wireless transmitter and receiver included (based on ESP32)
  • we provide the software for visualization, processing and recording of EMG signals (Python)
  • allows you to receive high quality signals generated by muscle contractions
  • each EMG sensor is equipped with a mechanical signal gain control that allows you to set the most optimal parameters for the sensor within the framework of the problem being solved.


  • EMG sensor size: 35.7⨯13.4⨯8.0 mm
  • Operate voltage is 3.3 - 5.5 V. Typical 5.0 V.
  • Digital signal:
- I2C interface. Supported modes: 100kHz, 400kHz and 3.4MHz
- 10 bit resolution
- maximum sampling rate 188.9 kHz
- support for up to 9 modules on one I2C bus - I2C address is fixed (set at the production stage). Address options: 1010000; 1010001; 1010010; 1010011; 1010100; 1010101; 1011000; 1011001; 1011010

  • Mechanical gain adjustment: 1-10 thousand V / V.
  • 10 - 200 Hz filter.
  • Dry skin contact.
  • Stainless steel electrodes
  • Connector pin pitch - 1 mm

The set includes*:

• EMG sensors (4, 6 or 9 pcs. Depending on your choice)
• Wires for connecting modules to each other
• 2 wires for connecting modules (length of each wire - 1m)
• Transmitter and receiver for wireless signal transmission, based on ESP32
• Circular connector for connecting modules

* Not included: power bank and USB cables are not included

NOTE: this product is NOT a medical device and should not be used to diagnose or treat medical conditions.