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Sensor MYO-micro v1.0
(EMG/ECG sensor)

MYO v1.0 is a tiny, ready for use EMG/ECG sensor, designed for registration and measurement of muscle and heart activity and embedding in wearable EMG/ECG devices. It has inbuilt amplification and free libraries for visualisation EMG/ECG signals.

↓ Download Datasheet MYO-micro v1.0 (PDF)

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Sensor MYO-micro v1.0 is a compact EMG/ECG sensor, designed for registration and measurement body biopotentials, such as an electromyogram and an electrocardiogram.

Very easy to use with such microcontrollers as Arduino, STM32 and Teensy. To receive a signal, it is enough to power the device with a voltage of 3.3V (no more than 5.5V) and connect the output signal to a microcontroller input.

We provide free libraries for using sensor MYO-micro v1.0 with Arduino, Teensy and STM32, also we provide sketches for visualisation signals by Python and Matlab.


  • Size: 30.0⨯12.0⨯5.4 ± 0.2 mm, wire length ~ 0.6 m.
  • Supply voltage range 3.3 - 5.5 V. Typical voltage 3.3 V.
  • Gain is 1000 V/V
  • 8 – 200 Hz filter.
  • Dry skin contact.
  • Stainless steel electrodes.
  • Connector pin pitch – 1.27 mm.
  • Libraries for Arduino, STM32 and Teensy.
  • Examples of sketches for signal visualisation by Python and Matlab.

NOTE: this product is NOT a medical device and should not be used to diagnose or treat medical conditions.