for ECG/EEG/EMG signals PA v1.0

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This board is intended for use in conjunction with BPS v1.0 and BPSDual v1.0. It is a rassereniya to facilitate the work with the electrodes. The main functionality is to enhance the signals to the level of 5V and the formation of the reference voltage. Allows you to easily connect BPS v1.0 and BPSDual v1.0 to such controllers as Arduino, STM32 and Teensy. This board can be connected to the ADC tolerant to 5V. It has special pins for connecting to the BPSDual v1.0 sensor.

For detailed instructions on use, please contact us.


  • Amplifier size 30x10x2mm
  • Gain 200
  • Formed reference voltage 2.5V
  • 5V power supply
  • Output signal 0-5V